LIDA SUCHY: Portrait of A Village

January 28, 2023 to March 11, 2023

For the past 8 years Ukraine has been represented by images of conflict, war, destruction, and carnage. Lida’s images can help viewers to connect to the current situation in Ukraine on a personal level that goes beyond the daily news by putting a human face on the tragic war that is being waged upon the Ukrainian people.

As a first-generation American and daughter of Ukrainian refugees, Lida draws on this background as a resource and inspiration for her creative work. She has photographed in the western village of Kryvorivnya, on and off since 1991. Using a slow and sometimes cumbersome 8×10” analog camera, she captured a detailed description of the village, thus creating a composite portrait of this rural community through individual portraits of its members. With the hope of overturning soviet style authoritarianism, villagers actively participated in the Euromaidan Revolution of Dignity in 2014.

Today many are still defending Ukraine.