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COVID-19 Special Sponsors

  • City of Syracuse Industrial Development Agency
  • CNY Arts COVID-19 Arts Impact Fund
  • Humanities NY
  • The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
    in partnership with Cooperative Federal
  • Therese A. Deegan
  • Mike Greenlar & Linda Bogart-Greenlar
  • Ruth Heller -1199SEIU
  • Sandra Hurd & Joel Potash
  • Robin Kasowitz – Art to Heart Project
  • Karen Kerney
  • Mary Kuhn & Dave Thomas
  • Nancy & Bruce McCoy
  • Jeremy McKay
  • Ellen Schwartz
  • Sarah Stuart-Mcllvain

In Memory of John Brulé

John D. Brule, 91, was a long-time supporter and member of our Board of Directors. He was born in Hancock, Michigan, and had been a resident of Syracuse for more than 60 years. His life was spent educating himself and others around the world on how to achieve peace and justice. His travels took him to Selma, Alabama, the Philippines, China, Buenos Aires and many other destinations. He worked tirelessly to build a better world for all. He also was a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Syracuse University, and was frequently recognized for his superlative teaching skills. He brought computer technology and email to the Philippines, and robotics to China. He was the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University of San Carlos in the Philippines as recognition for all the work he had done supporting that school over the course of four decades. He taught us at ArtRage to always try to do better, and we strive to do that everyday.

We are grateful to all who have donated to ArtRage in John’s name:


  • Nancy Bronstein
  • Michael Burke
  • Bill Cuddy & Pat Hoffman
  • Christine Dunne
  • Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead
  • Michael Susice



Ruth Putter Legacy Sponsorship

Donors who give $10,000+ in honor of our Founding Donor, Ruth Crystal Putter




~ Walter Putter & Marilyn Smith from the Ruth Putter Legacy Fund


In Memory of Charlie Crafts

A passionately believer in the power of the truth, Charlie Crafts saw art and creativity as a valued expression of the heart every activist needs to carry on the good fight. He was a steadfast supporter of ArtRage from its inception. Married to the gallery director, Rose Viviano, Charlie volunteered to do the jobs no one else would take on and praised ArtRage to anyone who would listen as offering a unique perspective.

He believed you needed to educate and listen to everyone you came into contact with; there being no need to look beyond your own back door to find people ready to challenge the status quo and work for justice.

Charlie always expressed gratitude for the people who were put in his life to learn from and love. His last days were shared by those who visited, sent cards and brought food as a way to show their respect for his presence and life journey. Make no mistake, he was grateful for each and every one of you as is his family.

We are grateful to all who have donated to ArtRage in Charlie’s name:


  • Patrica, Rick & Alexandra Ackerman
  • Tim Atseff & Peggy Ogden
  • Carol Baum
  • Carol Berrigan
  • Mary Bronner
  • Diana F. Cramer
  • Michael & Anne Doty
  • Jane Feld
  • Mark Feldman & Christine Riley
  • Barry & Barbara Gordon
  • Sam Gruber
  • Peter Irwin
  • Susan Jacoby & Janet Nicholas
  • Ann Jamison
  • Aggie Lane
  • Sidney Manes
  • Peaceful Schools
  • Paul Pearce & Diane Grafly
  • Dorothy & Harvey Pearl
  • Jim & Kathy Pickard
  • Carole Resnick
  • Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead
  • Mary Santore
  • Susie Weiss
  • Jack & Eva Wiesner
  • Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell
  • David Wilson & Lisa Hirsch


In Memory of Kathy Barry

The Board of the CORA Foundation and the staff of ArtRage Gallery thanks the family of Kathy Barry for the support they have shown by encouraging those who loved her to donate to ArtRage. Below are those who have offered generous donations in memory of Kathy Barry. She will be greatly missed. We will do our best to live up to her faith in us.

  • Marinne Barry
  • William & Jeanette Barry
  • Robert & Jennifer Brady
  • Charter Communications
  • Elinor Cramer
  • Leo Crandall
  • Nathaniel Dunn
  • Michelle Gabel & James McKeever
  • Margaret Gelfuso & Peter Scheibe
  • Barry & Barbara Gordon
  • Ed & Sue Harron
  • James Horan/Vagabond Clothing
  • Charles & Janet Hutcheson
  • Howard McAvoy
  • Carl Mellor
  • Michael & Dana Nestor
  • Megan Palmer
  • Laura Reeder
  • Tara & Marc Rollo
  • Deborah Rose
  • Christopher Shepherd
  • St. John Fisher College Rugby Alumni & The Corn Hill Goats RFC
  • Katherine Trimble
  • Kathy Urffer
  • Peter Waack
  • Young, Conway, Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

Sustaining Sponsors

Walter Putter & Marilyn Smith

2020-2021 Season Sponsors

  • Annemarie Deegan
  • Chris Flynn
  • Julia Ganson
  • Ruth Heller-1199SEIU
  • Jeff Hoone & Carrie Mae Weems
  • Mary Kuhn & Dave Thomas
  • Anthony Malavenda & Martine Burat
  • Lauren & Walter Melnikow
  • George Savage
  • Laurie Gilmore Selleck
  • Thelie Trotty-Selzer & Jon Selzer
  • Sharye Skinner
  • Peter Waack
  • Shailia Wood & Ramesh Gaonkar
  • Amy Zamkoff

Special Benefactors

  • The Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation
  • Onondaga County/CNY Arts
  • Bousqet Holstein, PLLC
  • Anonymous
  • Donald Blair & Nancy Dock
  • Caroline Cargo
  • Therese A. Deegan
  • Edgewood Gallery
  • Sandra Hurd & Joel Potash
  • Ann Jamison
  • Nancy & Bruce McCoy
  • Jeremy McKay
  • Shirley & Larry Novak
  • Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead
  • Vince Sgambati
  • Rick Olanoff & Susan Wadley

The Dorothy & Marshall M. Reisman Foundation


Supporting Sponsor

Syracuse Cultural Workers

Founding Donor

Eternal gratitude to our founding donor Ruth Putter