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November 2023

Dear Friends of ArtRage,

As longtime supporters of ArtRage, we encourage you to join us in continuing to lift up and celebrate this CNY asset. The gallery celebrated its 15th anniversary in October as an exhibition and gathering space that is continuing to thrive while supporting equity and social justice.

If you haven’t already heard, ArtRage is in the midst of a Capital Campaign in order to fund a significant facility upgrade. You’ll be seeing a lot of changes in the coming year.

Even as fundraising for that campaign continues, we write you today asking for your support to fund the regular day-to-day operations of ArtRage. Financial support of this work is derived primarily from our donations (yours and ours) and fundraising events. The latter are generally a lot of additional work for staff, board members and volunteers, so your participation in this particular fundraising effort is really important.

We want to tell you about a way that we donate that might work for you, too. We use Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from our retirement accounts to fund our donation. This is money that would be otherwise taxed as regular income. It’s a great way to use the money that the IRS requires us (retirement account holders) to withdraw, and not have to pay taxes on it.

It’s kind of a win/win…we get to support ArtRage with funds that we haven’t paid taxes on. The donation needs to be directly sent from the entity that’s managing the IRA to the intended beneficiary, in this case, The CORA Foundation.

While this won’t work for everyone and might not apply to your situation, we do hope you will consider a donation by check, credit card, Venmo or through the PayPal Giving Fund (which takes no fees out of your contribution)!

We feel proud to be supporters. A pride we trust you share by your support of ArtRage. A pride that was affirmed earlier this year when the website “Best Things New York” designated ArtRage as one of New York State’s seven best art galleries!

Your help will continue to elevate ArtRage in its mission to support artists and community, particularly in a time when its message of peace, dialogue, and empathy is so important.

In love and support,

Mary Kuhn & Dave Thomas