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November 2020

Dear Friend of ArtRage,

While in grad school at Syracuse University, another grad student asked me, “Why do you make the art you make? Don’t you know that no one is interested in it.”

My face, gender, voice, culture and experiences were different from his.

To him this African American woman artist was invisible and unimportant. He probably thought he was doing me a favor by informing me that my body, my thoughts and my life — my mere being — had little value and might even be offensive.

My art finds itself in the silent but powerful narrative of others for I am the conduit for stories of the heart and soul that need a voice. I knew, at that time, my art was not what most museums and the status quo wanted to show and collect. But my art found an open door at ArtRage.

I exhibited in group shows like 100 Years of Women Rockin’ the World and I had two one woman shows: CNY Pride Families (GLBTQ defining love and families) and Stitching Stories: Thread, Needle, Narrative (exhibition and programing addressing mental health in the Black community).

ArtRage is “On time and right on time.” It engages with the RAGE during the RAGE. It take us to the border, to the protests and fights of others around the world. ArtRage reminds us of the importance of engagement and participation in our world and that there is work to do. But also, ArtRage does not miss celebrations and it honors the sheroes and heroes.

During these crazy times ArtRage, adhering to strict rules, still engages us through exhibitions, Zooming artists’ lectures and event emails but it also knows the fever and isolation of COVID-19.

This pandemic, on code red, has put many art institutions on high alert, struggling to survive with many art spaces around the country closing permanently.

ArtRage understands the power of art.

Some exhibitions at ArtRage might have been supported by well established art institutions, but the ArtRage mission has always been to be a strong voice of purposeful change and engagement; “not art for art sake” and hanging over the living room couch. You can never hang up your soul at the door when you walk into ArtRage for an exhibition, play, film or any program.

ArtRage feels the pressure. Funding sources have become more limited and it has been impossible to maintain many of the usual sources of fundraising.

ArtRage is not afraid to challenge. Supporting ArtRage is keeping this institution strong because it dares to address politics, human rights, justice for all and environmental issues.

ArtRage has been part of my journey.

I support ArtRage and hope you will too.

Ellen M. Blalock

PS: ArtRage has installed all COVID safety precautions following state guidelines. We’d love to see you in the gallery (by reservation only) but are also offering virtual exhibitions and events.

PPS: All donations are needed but a monthly pledge in any amount is always welcome and helps with sustainability. It’s a simple process. Just sign up for a recurring credit card payment on PayPal.