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May 2024

Dear Friends – old and new – of ArtRage,

I am honored to write to you, asking for your support of ArtRage Gallery.

ArtRage is a local gem, now in its 16th exhibition season, a feat not many would have predicted, given its priorities and its location. ArtRage has not only lasted, but has prospered, thanks to its board of directors, its daily leadership, and the many volunteers and donors in our community

ArtRage is unique in that its focus is exclusively on people, justice, and equality for all. Other galleries may do an occasional show on one of these subjects, but ArtRage does them all and does them always.

The space is simple, and basically monochrome, but it always feels warm to me, even when not filled with an exhibition or involved patrons.

Not only is ArtRage the art on the walls, but the gallery has also hosted song, cinema and theatrical presentations. Twelve Angry Men and the thought provoking, Project Unspeakable (where actors stood in front of larger-than-life portraits by Robert Shetterly from his series, Americans Who Tell The Truth), blended art and performance.

Support for ArtRage doesn’t only mean financial contributions—and we all know how necessary that is—but it also means volunteering, attending, and importantly bringing new people to the gallery. I am always amazed by the number of people unfamiliar with ArtRage, but who express interest, and just need a helping hand to come along and possibly change their lives.

Syracuse is fortunate to have ArtRage as a part of our community. We should be proud that it is thriving, but it will only continue to do so with our support. My wife, Rae Kramer and I have volunteered and contributed financially over the years. Rae was not a person who wanted her name displayed when contributing and it was a family joke that we would contribute as, Lanny and Ms. Anonymous. I hope that those of you who knew her, or knew of her, might consider contributing in her memory.

Thank you,

Lanny Freshman