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May 2023

Dear Friends of ArtRage,

This year marks the 15th anniversary of ArtRage showcasing thought-provoking inspirational art for the Syracuse community.

Fifteen years ago, when ArtRage first opened its doors, I was a young and eager 21-year-old activist. Today I write to you with a recent major accomplishment in my heart: following an effort spanning years, I lead nearly 300 of my coworkers to organize TCGPlayer as the first labor union at an eBay-owned company right here in Syracuse.

With immense earnestness, I am honored to say that I owe much of the person that I am to ArtRage, Rose, Kim, and the broader community to which ArtRage gives life and energy. It was this community which supported, encouraged, and taught me to fight for justice, equity, and social change while always admiring the beauty and creativity in collective struggle.

Throughout the past fifteen years ArtRage has been a focal point at the convergence of creative cultural expression and myriad movements for social change. The range and variety of collections which have enriched Syracuse from within the gallery walls are nothing short of impressive. Not only has there been a consistently fantastic demonstration of the link between art and activism, but also an outstanding practice of bringing together the global and the local. Whether it’s highlighting the work of local and visiting artists alike, or hosting presentations which link local experiences to global issues, ArtRage has developed a compelling tradition of making the slogan “think global, act local” a reality.

ArtRage has cemented itself as an institution within, and a considerable asset to, the Syracuse community. As such, the impact of ArtRage’s commitment and resourcefulness in actualizing its mission goes even deeper to cultivate new generations of artists and activists carrying this ethos forward in meaningful and exciting ways.

It is the virtues of perseverance, principled outrage, and intentional action which can be found on display at ArtRage, in both art and community, which instilled in me the qualities necessary to keep going despite the odds. ArtRage has remained a fixture in my social consciousness, exhibiting all of the best qualities I’ve understood as being integral to making the world a better place. The relentless dedication demonstrated by everyone who keeps it going strong, with either their labor or financial support, grants me an unshakeable sense of optimism and inspiration: let there be many more victories on the path to justice, and much more impassioned art to keep us all inspired as we walk that path. I look forward to ArtRage providing a venue for showcasing those victories and artworks for many more years to come.

Richard Vallejo