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Encampment by Ruth Putter 1983

May 2022

Dear Friends,

Why do we need ArtRage?

Because ArtRage engages art to illuminate truth, to inspire us to
act or react, or simply to think.

I have viewed thousands of exhibitions in hundreds of galleries
and I know when I walk into ArtRage I will engage with a
thoughtfully curated, professionally installed, stimulating
exhibition. Recent shows have reflected on Trumpian
dystopia, the crisis of climate change, and
stylized portraits honoring queer and trans
people of color. ArtRage invites us to look,
consider, discuss, and reflect on topics of the
day…topics such as these.

We are living in a time when marginalizing
or outright suppressing the voices and lives of
those whose thoughts, actions, and/or simple
existence are deemed wrong or pose a threat
to some. For others, it is those very voices and
stories that provide another perspective on
the human condition…that is what helps us
understand and appreciate the many facets of

And that is what makes ArtRage so essential to our community.

ArtRage presents these stories in a safe, professional, and
welcoming environment. We may not always agree with what we
see or hear. We may not understand, or choose not to believe, but
we are all welcome to look, listen, and reflect.

We need more of this in our community.
We need more of this in our lives.
We need ArtRage.

Please consider supporting this vital and unique organization.

Kind Regards,

Katherine M. Rushworth