ArtRage: The Norton Putter Gallery

505 Hawley Avenue Syracuse, NY


MAX GINSBURG:The Realities of Our Times

April 12, 2014 12:00 pmtoMay 24, 2014 12:00 pm
Foreclosure © Max Ginsburg 2011

OPENING RECEPTION, SATURDAY, APRIL 12 from 7-9pm. Free to the Public.

“For nearly 50 years Max Ginsburg has created paintings that explore the human experience, ranging from everyday activities to social injustices.Throughout his career he has maintained a commitment to realism when teachers, galleries, museums and even institutions where he taught often viewed it with contempt.”
~ Naomi Ekerigin, American Artist, December 2010


PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT: The Black & White Work of Paul Pearce

June 7, 2014 12:00 pmtoJuly 19, 2014 4:00 pm

Proof through the Night © Paul Pearce 1986

Proof Through the Night is a retrospective of traditional silver-based photography and lithographs by Paul Pearce, a certified disabled combat veteran who now declares himself to be a “backward observer”. His photography focuses on issues of war and morality and questions the very notion of civilization. In his words about what inspires him to photograph he states: “In spite of growing cynicism, I have a calling to declare a point of view, a mandate to cry out that (in my opinion), the sky is falling, and a gnawing need to expose a system that turns innocent children into monsters.”

Pearce was raised as an All-American boy, Sunday school attendee and college-bound Eagle Scout. He was drafted into the Army, commissioned as an artillery Lieutenant and ordered into combat in Vietnam as a forward observer with the 114th infantry. He returned from the war motivated to raise consciousness about the evils of war. Armed with a camera and a printing press he taught himself photography, struggled for peace and justice as an artist and anti-war activist, and participated in and documented antiwar protests including the massive action in Syracuse following the killings at Kent State.

Exhibition Sponsors: Esther Adelson, Sari & Doug Biklen,
John & Dolores Brule, Annemarie Deegan, Michael DeSalvo,
Carol Everingham, Lanny Freshman & Rae Kramer,
Bob Gates & Deborah Welsh, Diane Grafly,
Mike & Linda Greenlar, Tarki & Joe Heath, Ann Jamison,
Joe Leonard, Anthony Malavenda & Martine Burat,
Walter Putter & Marilyn Smith, Carole Resnick, Laurie Selleck,
Vince Sgambati & Jack Stevens, Ann Tiffany & Ed Kinane,
Ron Van Norstrand and  Anita Welych
Season Sponsors: Dik Cool, the Holtz Family Fund, Mary Kuhn,
Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead, Jeff Unaitis and Amy Zamkoff.

Sustaining Sponsor: Ruth Putter

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