SOFÍA LUZ PÉREZ: My Shadow is My Teacher

April 6, 2024 to May 18, 2024


Sofía Luz Pérez is a Mexican American artist born in Austin, Texas and raised in Central New York. Her work often depicts ancient feminine archetypes while referencing self-portraiture, bringing together the ancient wisdom of her pre-Colombian cultural heritage with her present-day self.

“My practice stems from an inner narrative that I’m working through. Much of my work has been inspired by the experience I’ve had with healing illness, and by the healing of generational family trauma. I address both the physical and nonphysical (spiritual) aspects of those processes. I began drawing self-portraits to document my process and progression in the aftermath of the diagnosis.”

“Since then, I usually depict a fusion of self-portraiture and images of empowerment with symbolism from my ancestral heritage. I often reference archetypes through the powerful goddess imagery from Aztec mythology. I began my exploration into my ancient indigenous heritage many years ago, and it has been a key component in my creative practice.”

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