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ArtRage is no ordinary gallery.

We are committed to breaking down the art world’s boundaries about who is welcome. We believe that everyone has the right to art and that art is essential to building an open, just world. Our vision for change is one that creates a community of open-minded, tolerant individuals with an appreciation for the inclusion of art in everyday life. We offer the community an experience that encourages the breakdown of boundaries so that people can see themselves in the work and then in one another. We exhibit art that cultivates critical thinking skills; leading to question the power structures that exist in our society and to imagine other ways of life.

That, we believe, is the seed of a movement for cultural and social change.

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Award-Winning Film Screening – The Forgotten Bomb

January 17, 20177:00 pmto9:00 pm


When the Cold War ended, worry about nuclear weapons receded. Has the nuclear threat diminished?
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Artist Talk with Robert Knight

January 19, 20177:00 pmto9:00 pm


Artist Statement

In God’s House examines religious diversity as a reflection of the contemporary immigration crisis and demographic shifts facing Europe. Historically, tolerance of religious difference has been a professed value of developed, democratic nations, including those of Western Europe. Recent events, however, have upended those foundational beliefs, leading to calls for extreme anti-democratic measures in some countries.

My photographs of religious services juxtapose historic Christian churches with contemporary mosques in cities across the continent, revealing both similarities and differences between faiths. The resulting images allow us to consider not only our contemporary relationship to religion but also our relationship to those different than ourselves.

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IN GOD’S HOUSE: The Photographs of Robert Knight

November 19, 2016toJanuary 21, 2017

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