War on Iran?

March 7, 2012 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Talk:  Iran Under Escalating Sanctions and A Growing Threat of War

Judy Bello and Lynda Howland will present a slideshow of photos of Iran taken during their travels with Fellowship of Reconciliation Peace Delegations, last May, and about 3 years before that.    The atmosphere was significantly more charged on their recent Delegation.  In 2007and 2008, we had 2 Carrier fleets in the Persian Gulf, but Iranians were not distressed.    In 2011, Sanctions against Iran were significantly increased and threats of war had become ubiquitous.  Today, they are really feeling the heat.

Judy and Lynda will talk about their experiences with the people of Iran and the fascinating combination of modernity and antiquity you find there.  They will also talk about  the current threats of war and the accusations made against Iran by our government and in the mainstream press.  What are the real issues; what are the actual effects of these coercive measures, and what are the likely  consequences of a war against Iran.

Free to the Public.