TWA Flight 800 – meet the filmmaker!

April 2, 2015 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

TWA Flight 800 tells an important story that has been told repeatedly before but needs to be told again because, as André Gide remarked, “since nobody listens we have to keep going back and beginning all over again.”  Join the filmmaker, Kristina Borjesson, at the ArtRage Gallery for a free screening of this film.

On July 17, 1996, TWA 800 was shot down by two or three missiles off the coast of Long Island just over an area where, according to James Kallstrom who headed the FBI team that illegally usurped authority for the investigation from the NTSB, the US Navy was conducting classified maneuvers and the ship closest to the crash site fled instead of searching for possible survivors. Needless to say, the transformation of a missile shoot-down into a fluke unexplained fuel explosion of the center wing tank (CWT) required ignoring or intimidating over a hundred eyewitnesses who saw the missile(s) hit TWA 800, altering the plane’s black boxes, hammering the fuselage to make the explosion appear to come from the inside, concealing radar tracks and residue from explosives, and much more. All the damning evidence of the truth that could not be altered had to be lost or destroyed even while the FBI and CIA fabricated other evidence to support the Official Story; and did so in collusion with a media both compliant and corrupt. The film admirably provides enough of the details to reveal the cover-up and prove the missile shoot-down, but is remarkably respectful and even deferential to the US government that it proves did this dark deceit.             – Michael B. Green, Amazon Instant Video Review

In July 2013, TWA Flight 800 a feature-length investigative film freelance journalist Kristina Borjesson wrote, produced and directed, was released on the Epix premium cable channel. Previously, Borjesson won an Emmy for investigative reporting and a Murrow award for her work as Field Producer/Reporter for the CBS Reports documentary, Legacy of Shame, updating CBS’s signature documentary on migrant farmworkers, Harvest of Shame with Edward R. Murrow. Borjesson also produced and co-wrote the CBS Reports biography of Cuba’s Fidel Castro titled The Last Revolutionary, which was Emmy-nominated. For CNN’s “NewsStand” show, she produced several lead pieces, including a two-part investigation of the business practices of Hollywood agents and managers. In September 2013, Borjesson released on Amazon Kindle her first work of fiction, The Reptile Club Librarian, a book based on the life of a man who spent most of his professional life working both sides of the law.

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