“Truth Tellers” Documentary Film Screening with artist, Robert Shetterly

April 5, 2022 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Suggested Donation: Sliding Scale $5 to $10 at the door – to benefit Kane Lewis Productions and ArtRage Gallery.

Masks required.

We’re delighted to welcome back artist and activist, Robert Shetterly to ArtRage. Shetterly has held two solo exhibitions at ArtRage and has been a guest speaker on several occasions. During this visit we will screen the new documentary film, “Truth Tellers” which is both a story of Shetterly’s art and activism and a history lesson in what it means to be a citizen of a democracy.

What defines a great American? For artist/activist Robert Shetterly, it’s a citizen who courageously confronts issues of social, environmental and economic fairness. Shetterly has painted 250 portraits of such Americans, past and present, with a quote inscribed into the dark background. These Americans Who Tell the Truth have been exhibited throughout the United States for almost two decades. In bringing Shetterly’s message to a wide audience, Truth Tellers sparks a national conversation on truth telling.

Among the truth tellers covered in the film are Bayard Rustin, Bill McKibben, Kelsey Juliana, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Sherri Mitchell, Maulian Dana, Bill Bigelow, Zyahna Bryant, Bree Newsome Bass, Fannie Lou Hammer, John Lewis, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Reggie Harris, and many others.

TRUTH TELLERS director, producer and cinematographer is Richard Kane, an independent director whose work is focused on the intersection of art and contemporary American life. With partner Melody Lewis-Kane, their company, Kane-Lewis Productions, has worked for National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the White House Office of Technology Policy among many others.

TRUTH TELLERS was written by Judith Dwan Hallet, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, former Senior Producer/Writer at National Geographic, who has been making films for 50 years, and received many distinguished awards including Woman of Vision Creative Excellence Award from Women in Film and Video in Washington DC and an Emmy from The National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.