THE STRUGGLE TO CONNECT: Meet the Artists Event

February 12, 2022 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

(Detail) Watermelon Girl by Vanessa Johnson

THE STRUGGLE TO CONNECT: A Call and Response Conversation on Race and Gender by Women Artists. Curated by Vanessa Johnson

Join us for an in-person ‘Meet the Artists’ event.
Proof of vaccination and face masks required for entry. Please note we will not be serving food or drink.

The Struggle to Connect is an invitational group exhibition featuring a racially diverse group of women artists from CNY and beyond. The exhibit will confront the differences between white feminism and the feminist issues of women of color and explore differences in experiences and perspectives. Learn more HERE.

Kimberly Archer
Kathye Arrington
Ellen Blalock
Jacquelyn Maye Johnson
Vanessa Johnson
Robin Kasowitz
Lauren Miller
Susan Murphy
Sarah Pirtle
Mary Stanley
Caroline Tauxe
Laura Thorne
Megan White