Th3 event: IVAW documentary & Warrior Writer’s reading

October 16, 2008 - 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

As a member of the Third Thursday partnership of Syracuse art galleries, we will highlight our Grand Opening exhibit, COMBAT PAPER in this Th3 event with readings from IVAW’s Warrior Writers’ Project presented by IVAW members. The evening’s events will begin with a 6pm screening of a 45 minute documentary on the project.

The Warrior Writers Project is an opportunity for veterans to come together and connect. It provides tools and space for community building, healing and redefinition to Iraq Veterans through writing/artistic workshops that are based on experiences in the military and Iraq. The veterans unbury their experiences and connect with each other on a personal and artistic level. The writing from the workshops is compiled into books, performances and exhibits that provide a lens into the hearts of people who have a deep and intimate relationship with the Iraq war. Furthermore, it gives the veterans a sense of ownership over their stories and strength in their voice, perspective and power. The ability to reconcile and heal through sharing their words with each other and you is enabled through the purchase of the books, Warrior Writers and Re-Making Sense for sale at the event. The funds generated help pay for veterans from around the country to travel to Warrior Writer workshops. Volumes are in the permanent collections at Yale University, University of Vermont and the University of Minnesota.