Teach-In on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

January 28, 2014 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a major trade pact, much bigger than NAFTA, being negotiated in secret by the US and many other Pacific Rim Countries. Learn more about the TPP and the threats it poses to our democracy and how we can build a movement to fight back and create a better world.

600 lobbyists mostly from multinational corporations are active in the negotiations but your elected representatives are excluded. The TPP is not mainly about trade. Its real purpose is to help global corporations sue governments in an international trade tribunal, to force governments to abandon laws that protect the public, workers and the environment. The TPP threatens internet privacy and innovation. The TPP accelerates the “race to the bottom” by threatening many important safeguards in business. It undermines financial industry regulations, dismantles “Buy Local” preferences, restricts countries from providing generic drugs or negotiating lower drug prices for their residents, challenges food safety, chemical safety, and labeling requirements, threatens environmental policy, and further delays action on climate change.

Margaret Flower, Physicians for a National Health Plan, Flush the TPP
Aly Wane, Syracuse Peace Council
Emily Bishop, New Yorkers Against Fracking
Frank Cetera, GMO Free CNY
Howie Hawkins, Green Party

The TPP won’t pass unless it is allowed to bypass normal congressional review through the “Fast Track” process that stifles debate and bans amendments and filibuster. To stop TPP, we must get Congress to reject the fast Track option before TPP is finalized and presented for approval. We must act now! The White House is seeking Fast Track, and a vote in Congress is likely in early February. Free to the Public. For more info please call Ursula Rozum at (315) 414-7720