Syracuse International Film Festival: PROGRAM 13

October 14, 2022 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Tickets can be purchased HERE

MIRRORS by Alfonso Palazón Meseguer – 24 minutes – Spain – Documentary

From the surroundings of a non-place several refugees talk about their situation, where they lived and their dreams. It is a meeting to share non-fulfilled projects. They are part of a group of especially vulnerable refugees who have no choice.

LITTLE WINGS by Naveen MU – 21 minutes – India – Narrative

An old woman trapped in a long-lasting but bitter marriage is pushed to the brink when her paralyzed husband sets out to consume her prize pet rooster.

MONDO WORLD by Cassie Grimaldi – 5 minutes

100 CANS by Mazen Al Khayrat – 69 minutes – United Arab Republic – Documentary  

The story is about land mines. It follows a Canadian/ Iraqi urban artist who goes to Yemen amidst the heated conflict.
Upon his arrival, he is astounded by all the ordeals, he then meets with Yemeni artists, land mine extraction teams and with the local community to create art as a relief. Ambivalent emotions and challenges create a tone of hope and an authentic documentation of the threats of land mines and the power of dialogue.
Filming takes place in Mocha, no longer a major trading hub or a coffee market, the economy is largely based upon fishing. The new art entices a lot of interest, children and struggling families gossip about the foreign visitors and about the colors they brought to town.

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