March 16, 2019 - 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

“I know, you keep telling me. When you were young,  people were better.”

This landmark film is at once science fiction thriller and  ecological cautionary tale.  Set in New York City 2020, it depicts an imagined future society of human suffering and social injustice.  Here is a city besieged by overcrowding and pollution, amid a world of dying oceans, depleted resources, and spiraling humidity due to global warming. Prowling New York’s dark streets, Private Detective Thorn (Heston) has been hired to find the murderer of a rich industrialist whose company makes synthetic wafers called Soylent Green, essential nutrition for the poor. Thorn is tracking a killer, and the trail leads to a shocking discovery.  Vividly realized, Soylent Green derives power not from its special effects but from its mind and heart – all magnified by the  performance of legendary Edward G. Robinson in a moving screen farewell.

“Great sci-f I with a surprising environmentalist message” –NY Times

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