February 18, 2012 - 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

In a year long collaboration with ArtRage and The Syracuse International Film Festival we will host a screening from the SIFF archives about once a month. Don’t miss these great independent films! $5 Suggested Donation.

by Thomas Korthals Altes (Netherlands) Fiction, 47 min

Finn (15) is an uncomplicated schoolboy until one day, coming home from school he catches his father Roelof in his moms dress. The man, Finn has looked up to his whole life, wants to become a woman. Finn, just discovering his own sexuality, is troubled by this new discovery. A struggle with feelings of shame, love and loyalty follows. Luckily Lizzie, his new found friend, is there to help him.

What a shock when teenage Finn’s comes home from school and catches dad wearing mom’s dress.  Discovering his own sexuality is trouble enough for Finn, now the man he’s always adored wants to be a woman! Seems like dark days ahead—til newfound friend Lizzie comes along.


by María Pérez (Spain) Fiction, 15 min

Facing a boring and lonely summer,  androgynous teenage Simon takes to trying alien communication. No news is dull news till a mysterious girl comes into the neighborhood – and turns Simon’s life around.