An Evening with John Dau and the John Dau Foundation

June 30, 2015 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Duk County: Peace is in Sight in the New South Sudan (2013)

Join us for a screening of this award-winning documentary film (37min) that spotlights the important work of the John Dau Foundation. It features John Dau, Dr. David Reed of Cazenovia and other staff from the Duk Lost Boys Clinic.

Following the film John Dau will give us an update on the current condition of his home village of Duk Payuel and the clinic.

Recent violence in South Sudan compromised the Duk Lost Boys Clinic. For nearly 10 days in late February and early March 2014, rebels occupied the facility causing extensive damage and looting vital goods. They looted items including food, solar units which power the clinic, medicine, fuel, beds, chairs, tables and other essential equipment. The need for health care in South Sudan is greater now than ever, and JDF is doing all that is possible to provide care to help those suffering due to conflict.

The John Dau Foundation is a non-profit led by a dynamic refugee, John Dau. He has inspired business and non-profit leaders to help him establish the Foundation and create the first comprehensive & sustainable community medical clinic in his home village of Duk Payuel. Called the Duk Lost Boys Clinic, it has been in operation since 2007 and served more than 32,000 people.​