May 16, 2010 - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Palestine nakba2Stories of the 1947/48 Palestinian Catastrophe

Why do some people have the power to remember, while others are asked to forget? That question is especially poignant at this time of year, as we move from Holocaust Remembrance day in early spring to the anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14, 1948. In the months surrounding that date, Jewish forces expelled, or intimidated into flight, an estimated 750,000 Palestinians. A living, breathing, society that had existed in Palestine for centuries was smashed and fragmented, and a new society built on its ruins.

Palestine then&nowFew Palestinian families lack a personal narrative of loss from that period — an uncle killed, or a branch of the family that fled north while the others fled east, never to be reunited, or homes, offices, orchards and other property seized. Ever since, Palestinians worldwide have commemorated May 15 as Nakba (Catastrophe) Day.

CNY Working for a Just Peace in Palestine & Israel wishes to both commemorate and educate the public about the realities and abuses to the indigenous Palestinian people during the time that is usually referred to as the “Israeli War of Independence”. While the world looked on and cheered the small, “defenseless” birth of Israel, innocent families were massively being displaced from their homeland, sometimes with only the belongings they could carry. Others less fortunate lost their lives in documented cases of massacres and executions by Jewish troops. We feel their suffering must not go unnoticed.

Our event will feature local Palestinians who will speak from their personal experiences. We will also share poetry, photos and a short excerpt from a documentary related to the Nakba in order to provide context to those not very familiar with this time in history. As with all of our events, we invite questions and discussion.

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