Red, White and Blueprints: A Rust Belt Documentary

September 16, 2016 - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Presented as part of The Gifford Foundation “What If…” Film Series
In partnership with the Erie Canal Museum

NOTE: This film will be screened at the
THE ERIE CANAL MUSEUM 318 Erie Blvd E., Syracuse
free parking is available in the lot on
Erie Boulevard East under routes 81 and 690

Directed by Jack Storey (2013)

People in the Rust Belt are thick-skinned. After years of being mocked as a dried-up region with nothing left to offer America, its cities are now rising from the ashes of the past, looking ahead to their role in the future of the country. RED, WHITE AND BLUEPRINTS examines how cities like Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Detroit have reinvented themselves and how they’ve partnered together to do it. Instead of competing, they’re sharing ideas, working for a cause bigger than their own city limits. This new energy comes from an abundance of vibrant young adults whose hometown pride has motivated them to make a difference. RED, WHITE AND BLUEPRINTS is proof of the Rust Belt’s incredible resiliency. With all the innovation and ingenuity this documentary spotlights, the region’s best days may still be ahead.

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