February 11, 2020 to March 9, 2020 - 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

REALITY CHANGES EVERYTHING! A series of events and offerings designed to help us engage more deeply with the near term threats to survival on earth, and the ways anticipated events and changes can and should have a direct influence on the choices we make about our political organizing and community activism. 

The only way to do this is in community, and openly.  Talking with each other and giving voice to our fear, despair, and rage can empower us to rise together to face the completely unacceptable truth of this dire circumstance, and to hold each other up as we move forward into truly unique and extraordinary times. 

Hopefully we will begin to preface our thinking about personal and organizational priorities with the question, “Given that there is a 10-12 year window estimated for humans to make changes that may decrease the degree of environmental devastation, how can we, as a creative and loving community, plan now for changes and needs which can be anticipated, as we make choices about our use of resources, time, and personal energy?”

To address these questions, a group of your neighbors will offer two workshop series in conjunction with the ArtRage exhibition Fire & Ice; CLIMATE CONVERSATIONS and ACTIVE HOPE WORKSHOPS.

CLIMATE CONVERSATIONS:  A weekly series of gatherings for a light dinner and conversation. Presentations will come from a variety of perspectives and experiences looking at the intersection of the climate crisis with the many other issues facing our community and the world. Food will be served beginning at 5:30 and programs will start at 5:45. We will be serving vegetarian soup with stretch bread donated by Pastabilities and gluten-free rice cakes donated by Syracuse Cooperative Market. Most events will run until about 7:30, but note that the 2/18 program will run until 8:30 and requires registration.   

Tuesday 2/11  Nothing affects your food like the climate.  A conversation hosted by local farmers and farm workers, Maureen Knapp (Cobblestone Valley Farm), Kathie Arnold (Twin Oaks Farm), Crispin Hernandez (Workers Center of CNY).

Tuesday 2/18 – A youth led event, primarily for young people, focusing on their role in the mobilization fighting the climate crisis.  There will be an opening youth panel followed by opportunities to explore your personal experiences and what’s next.  5:30-8:30pm Register at

Tuesday 2/25 – How do we develop community-led, green economy initiatives to mitigate the climate crisis, create resilient communities and respond to neighborhood needs? A conversation with the Urban Jobs Task Force, Taurus Development Group (partners in the Salina 1st project), and PEACE Inc. on challenges faced, lessons learned from past initiatives, and how regional groups are working to create the change we need.

Monday 3/2-  Indigenous perspectives on the climate emergency will be shared in conversation with Awhenjiosta Myers, Onondaga Nation Eel Clan, and youth from the Onondaga Nation.

Monday 3/9 – Mothers and caregivers are a powerful coalition in the fight for a liveable climate for all children. This conversation, hosted by Mothers Out Front, will center on the impact that mothers, united across race and class, can make on the movement for change.