Photo Restoration, History and Art

May 11, 2010 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Nancy Keefe Rhodes 2006 - Sally White photo

Curator Gallery Talk:
“On the Restoration of Vernacular Photography as History and Art”

Nancy Keefe Rhodes is the curator of A Tender Record, the current ArtRage exhibit of restored photographs by Marjory Wilkins. She will offer a presentation/gallery talk, “On the Restoration of Vernacular Photography as History and Art”, on this exhibit and the issue of photo restoration in general. Nancy has written a book on the Wilkins’ photographic project, due to be published in 2010.

In her words, “This project has challenged assumptions about both the beauty of vernacular photography and its practitioners’ aesthetic accomplishment – above and beyond its historical importance in specific communities. It also suggests that the ways in which’old picture’ have often been treated may sometimes diminish our capacity to fully appreciate them as photographs.”

Join us for an informative evening at ArtRage. FREE to the public

Nancy Keefe Rhodes is an arts journalist who covers film, photo, and visual arts. She covers the arts for the Syracuse City Eagle weekly, which has also carried her film column “Make it Snappy” since 2006. Nancy has also interviewed a wide range of photographers and was a recipient in 2008 of an annual Light Work grant for her on-going project examining photo restoration of the early black-and-white of Marjory Wilkins. A graduate of the first class of the Goldring Arts Journalism Masters Program at the Newhouse School, Nancy lives in Syracuse.