New Voices from Selma

March 5, 2015 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Students from Joyce Suslovic’s, Henniger High School U.S History class have joined with Syracuse Poet, Jackie Warren Moore to share their writings, thoughts, art and spoken word poetry in a one time performance at the ArtRage Gallery. Six workshops held at the school have focused on the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March and what it means to today’s youth. Their performances are dedicated to Barrie Gewanter, Ex. Director of the Central New York Civil Liberties Union (CNYCLU) and Tiffany Rush, from On Point for College.

Joyce M. Suslovic

Joyce M. Suslovic is an educator with 37 years of teaching experience on the college, middle, and high school levels. She directed “The Beard Players” through 15 multicultural productions in five years (1985-90) and was director of Arts in Education at Levy Middle School. Joyce was also director of the Youth Education Project for the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company (1991-1993). Joyce currently teaches at Henninger High School where she employs her skills in the areas of Global Studies and United States History. She conducts extensive Regents’ Review classes after school. Her ultimate goal is to assist students along the path to graduation and success!

Jackie Warren-Moore

Jackie Warren-Moore is a highly accomplished and respected poet, playwright, theatrical director and community activist. Warren- Moore has published several books of poems, and her work has been widely anthologized in national and international anthologies. She is a guest columnist for the Syracuse Post-Standard often writing about youth, education art or civic engagement. She conducts readings and workshops in prisons throughout New York State, and has read her work in numerous colleges and universities.  Jackie has a long association with The Paul Robeson Performing Arts Company, and is a Teaching Assistant in Black Theater in The African American Studies Dept. at Syracuse University.  She has been widely honored for her service to her community through her writing, including as an Unsung Heroine by The National Organization of Women for Feminist Writing, and the Cassandra Jones – Ingram Distinguished Service Award from Camp 415, the Central New York Association of Minority Police.

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