Migration is Beautiful – Butterfly Wing Workshop

July 5, 2017 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Migration  Join ArtRage Gallery and the Workers’ Center of CNY for a butterfly wing making party.

Together we’ll paint and decorate wings that can be used at future marches and rallies.

RSVP required. info@artragegallery.org  or call 315-218-5711
Limited Space. Free, donations accepted.

This event is in conjunction with the “Carving Through Borders” exhibition, featuring 15 CultureStrike artists.

Monarch butterflies migrate yearly in order to survive, making the butterfly a beautiful metaphor for immigration.  As CultureStrike explains:

A perfect example of how art intervenes playfully and politically, the Migration is Beautiful butterfly proposes a new way to think about migration, rooted in movement, transformation, and captivating grace.  From art prints to street art, clothing, and interactive experiences, this viral imagery reaches audiences on emotional and visceral levels, replacing images of fear with visions of shared humanity.


Migration is Beautiful began at Opportunity Agenda’s Creative Change retreat in August 2012, where CultureStrike’s Executive Director Favianna Rodriguez led an interactive design session with artists and activists.  The butterfly image and tagline quickly emerged as an approachable way to reimagine borders as permeable rather than militarized, reinvigorating a metaphor that many migrants have looked to for generations.  CultureStrike quickly started commissioning artworks incorporating the butterfly and made them available for reuse and remixing.