Lucky Tummy – PopUp Food Court!

May 3, 2013 - 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM


take a drive around syracuse.  poke around the little asian markets on the north side.  or swing by buda’s emporium of insanely cheap produce down by the mall.  keep an eye out for clutches of new arrivals from somalia and burma and afghanistan out shopping.  and wonder: how did they end up here?  what must they have seen along the way?  oh, and what’s for dinner?

Our Lucky Tummy Chefs


our little party springs from such questions.  we scoured the north side, home to many of our city’s refugees, resettled here by the UN.  we finagled invites into folks’ homes.  we met immigrants’ kids who were cooler / more au courant than us boring 30-somethings.  our noses perked up at cinnamon, saffron, garlic, chili, berbere, fish sauce and garam masala on the air.  and we were humbled to hear snippets here and there of individual endurance, ingenuity and hope. we asked 7 families to come cook for us – and for you.  we hope you like it…

join us on friday night, may 3rd from 7 pm until we run out (hopefully around 10ish) at artrage gallery, 505 hawley avenue, syracuse ~ $20 gets you…5 courses, dessert, chai and bottomless pandan water! (beers cost a little more)

to RSVP and pay in advance visit if you don’t have a paypal account – or a credit card -that’s cool.  just drop us an email at and we’ll hold you a space (you can pay cash at the door).


we love a good party.  the only thing we love more is a good party that cleans up after itself. with that in mind, we’ve adopted the following practices:
– all of our food scraps go to a local farm to fold back into the soil (or hand over to their pigs and goats to gobble up)
– any food we don’t end up serving goes directly to catholic charities emergency shelter for women and children
– some stuff you just can’t grow here (coconuts, pandanus leaf) but we source the other stuff (eggs, milk, veggies) from small nearby farms