August 11, 2009 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

La Americana is an intimate documentary following an undocumented immigrant’s journey from Bolivia to New York City and back, as she struggles to save the life of her ailing daughter. Her unforgettable story is woven into the current immigration crisis in the United States, putting a human face on this timely and controversial issue. Through interviews, reenactments and a sweeping cinema-verite narrative, La Americana takes its viewers on an international journey following the personal and political tragedy faced by one undocumented immigrant in New York City. The story begins several years ago, in the poorest country of South America.

When nine-year-old Carla falls gravely ill, her mother Carmen must leave her behind and make the dangerous and illegal journey to New York. Carmen hopes to earn enough money to support her ailing daughter realizing she may never see her again. Six years later, U.S. Congress proposes amnesty legislation that may allow the mother and daughter to reunite.  La Americana is Carmen’s story, and the story of millions of illegal immigrants forced to leave their families behind in order to provide them a better life. It is the story of a continent divided not by values, but by a physical and political barrier that separates families indefinitely, sometimes forever.

For immigrants themselves, the film empowers by giving voice to a common struggle. For native audiences, the film provides a chance to step into the shoes of the other. In this way, La Americana can both be a bridge within communities, as well as a call to action.

Join representatives from the ACLU and the Detention Task Force for this film screening and informative discussion. This unforgettable story puts a human face on the controversial issue of the immigration debate.