IN THE WINDOWS: The Bald Eagles of Onondaga Lake

July 9, 2022 to September 7, 2022


Bald Eagles have great significance to the Onondaga Nation & to the US.   Since they have returned to Onondaga Lake people come to photograph them near their roost in the trees of “Murphy’s Island” behind Destiny.   However, their roost is threatened by the County’s plan to build a dead end trail on “Murphy’s Island,” where the soil is known to contain highly toxic materials.  Although the trail will technically be closed in the winter, building the trail requires cutting down some of their roosting trees and the eagles will likely avoid areas of increased human presence. 


My name is Sarah Beth Moses, and I am a self-taught nature and wildlife photographer who has been practicing photography for almost 20 years. I have lived my entire 44 years just outside the city of Syracuse, NY and find that I rarely have to leave the area to capture beautiful scenes. When I am not out looking for things to photograph, I enjoy time spent gardening, listening to music and reading.

While I enjoy photographing sweeping landscapes and a variety of animals, Bald Eagles have become my main focus and favorite subject. I have learned to use my camera, as well as my voice, to bring attention to the perils that CNYs Bald Eagles face, including the disruption of their territory on Onondaga Lake. I am a firm believer that all living things should be treated with kindness and respect, and I hope to encourage others to embrace that same mindset; the best way that I know how to do this is by sharing what I hope are striking, compelling images of the ones who can’t speak for themselves, namely the creatures who depend on us to let them be as nature intended – wild and undisturbed.