IN POOR TASTE: The Genetically Modified Foods Kitchen

June 4, 2016 to July 16, 2016

Created by Christine Chin, The Genetically Modified Foods Kitchen explored the controversial technology that allows us to transfer genes between species. Part human and part vegetable, Chin’s Vegetable Human Hybrids made visible the usually invisible process of genetic modification.  In the familiar context of a cookbook and a cooking show, these creations brought concerns about the ethics and politics of biotechnology into the domestic space. Playing with both humor and the grotesque, Chin’s photographs encouraged people to consider how technology affects our society and our dinner plates.




Funding for this project was been made possible in part by:

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Kathryn Davis, Therese Deegan, Margrit Diehl, Lynn Fallon & Greg Daily,
John Fitzsimmons, Barbara & Barry Gordon, Bruce Grannan,
Dr. Marianna Kaufman, Susie Kossack, Nancy & Bruce McCoy,
Donna & Phil Muhs-McCarten, Shirley & Larry Novak,
Diane Ogno, Lleni Pach, Carole Resnick and Gail Sustare

Kathy Barry & Brian Caufield, Donald Blair & Nancy Dock, John & Dolores Brule, Chana Bursztyn, Dik Cool, Annemarie Deegan, David & Jeanne Holstein, The Holtz Family Fund, Sandra Hurd & Joel Potash, Ann Jamison, Mary Kuhn, Joe Leonard, Walter & Lauren Melnikow, Fred & Diane Murphy, Dene Sarason, Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead, George Savage, Laurie Gilmore Selleck, Cindy Seymour & Laura Serway, Tupper Property Management, Jeff Unaitis, Ron Van Norstrand, Amy Zamkoff and Anonymous