IN OUR VIEW: A Community Perspective

June 9, 2012 to July 21, 2012


Photo by Corryne Kmanda

Photographs from Hawley-Green and Northside Neighbors

This exhibition was the culmination of a community art project in which ArtRage worked with community members and organizations in the Hawley-Green and Northside neighborhoods. ArtRage got cameras into the hands of neighborhood residents and asked them to capture their lives and community through documentary photography. A professional photographer and Syracuse University graduate student, Daniel Aguilera, worked with residents to guide them on the social documentary process.

Curated by a community panel, this exhibition was not only a testimony to the times in which we live, but a social-bonding experience for our diverse neighborhood; a neighborhood whose current residents include refugees
from many war-torn nations, long time city dwellers of mixed income and a population of people new to the area working to establish roots in a community of their choice – all living side-by-side as neighbors.

Photo by Leahann Lynagh

We were inspired to create this exhibition after exhibiting the social documentary photography of two brilliant Upstate New York artists; Buffalo’s Milton Rogovin and Syracuse’s Marjory Wilkins.

Some of the IN OUR VIEW project participants! Photo by Bob Gates

“Photography represents a universal language that communicates ideas to persons regardless of educational level, reading skills or social status and as such, is an ideal vehicle to promote understanding and good will between cultures.” -Bill Wright, Photographer

Thanks to our exhibition sponsors:
Bill Bullen & Laura Reeder, John & Dolores Brule, Commercial Art Supply, The Community Foundation of CNY, Dik Cool, Diana Cramer, Annemarie Deegan, Lynn Fallon, David Feldman, Lanny Freshman, & Rae Kramer, Diane Grafly & Paul Pearce, Linda Bogart Greenlar & Michael Greenlar, Kim & Steve Linkinhoker, Lorene & Sundar Mudaliar, Yvonne Murphy, Deirdre Nelson, Walter Putter & Marilyn Smith, Ra-Lin, Edith Schmitz, Ann Jamison – In Memory of Sparky (Linda Mortimer), Syracuse University Education Department, Nisha Thapliyal, Ann Tiffany & Ed Kinane, Mary Traynor and Amy Zamkoff .