hell strung and crooked

September 23, 2010 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

hell.strung.and.crooked.front cover“Poetry taken to the edge and back round again”

Poetry/performance by Mary McLaughlin Slechta, Robert Gibbons and Joseph Fritsch from the latest book produced by Uphook Press; a New York City-based publisher specializing in work by poets and spoken words artists who love both the ink and the mike. hell strung and crooked is their second anthology, taken from open submission, with the aim to promote a nationwide community of performing poets. Featuring forty-one poets—from San Francisco, Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Seattle, elsewhere, and New York—hell strung and crooked also includes interviews with National Book Award winner Mark Doty and the Danish writer-performer Claus Ankersen.

FREE to the public

Mary McLaughlin Slechta is the author of the poetry collection, Wreckage on a Watery Moon (Foothills Publishing, 2005), and two chapbooks.  Her work has recently appeared in Common Ground and was included in Rattle’s “Tribute to African American Poets.” An associate editor with The Comstock Review, Mary lives in Syracuse.
Joseph Fritsch considers his poetry a restorative and protective undertaking. His time is largely occupied at Brooklyn College, where he studies and edits for the campus’s literary magazine. He hails from upstate New York.
Robert Gibbons is originally from Palm Beach County, Florida. He now lives in New York City, where he performs his poetry in a wide variety of venues. Joseph, Robert, and Mary will be joined by Ice and some of the other editors from Uphook Press. www.uphookpress.com