Gun Show- Virtual Film Screening and Community Discussion

April 14, 2021 to April 19, 2021

Post Event Update: You can view the recording of our discussion HERE

To close out our current exhibition, “Deadlocked and Loaded: Disarming America” we are partnering with the Media Education Foundation to bring you a virtual film screening of the new short film “Gun Show: Rethinking Weapons in the Name of Art.” After you view the film, please join us for a Zoom talk-back and discussion with Syracuse activist, Clifford Ryan, the founder of OG’s Against Violence.

Beginning on Tuesday, April 13th you will have access to the film HERE.
Please register for the Zoom discussion HERE.
The film is 30 minutes. Please begin the film by 6:30pm on Wednesday, April 14th and then join the 7pm Zoom discussion.

About the Film
After assembling mock assault rifles out of everyday found objects, sculptor David Hess decides to turn them into an experimental public art installation to explore America’s obsession with guns. The fruits of that mission comprise the story of Gun Show, a fascinating and deeply moving documentary that steers clear of advocating a position and instead invites meaningful dialogue about the cultural power of guns. Beginning in Hess’s sculpture studio, and culminating on the mall of the nation’s capital, filmmaker Richard Chisolm’s three-year documentary “road movie” represents a continual quest for meaning: an invitation to freshly engage the very loaded topic of guns in America. Gun Show is a powerful educational resource for inspiring critical thinking and discussion on a range of topics, including cultural mythology and symbolism, civic discourse, public art, public policy, gun rights, gun safety, and violence in America. 

About Clifford Ryan and OG’s Against Violence.
In 2015, Clifford Ryan established OG’s Against Violence. His organization is based on supporting other anti-violence and anti-poverty organizations in the community and reaching out to those doing the violence. To achieve these goals, he started walking through neighborhoods where violence occurred. On his walks he stops to talk to the young men and women he sees about conflict resolution strategies and the problem of violence. He attends vigils and memorials for violence victims, giving a calming presence. He also visits schools, youth programs, and attends events as a speaker to tell his story and talk about advocacy against violence.

He has faced trauma himself after the tragedy of Duriel Lamar Ryan, his son, over twenty years ago. At only seventeen years old, Duriel was walking away from a heated argument with a peer who threatened his life with a gun. Duriel was shot in the back of the head, ending his life and changing Clifford’s forever.

The now duty-bound Clifford Ryan responded to this tragedy with a hope to make lasting change that will prevent others from losing a child like he did.

By being present in the community he earned the honorable title of “OG” from the residents. He signified this title as Our Generation. He continues to grow the mutual respect between himself and the community. Since 2015, Clifford Ryan has intervened to prevent over forty-two shootings and stopped over three-hundred fights, putting himself at risk each time. Clifford uses the honor and respect he has earned from the community to effectively convince people to stand down without losing face. This respect is vital to de-escalation and violence interruption. Through violence interruption efforts Clifford has been a victim of violence himself, he has been stabbed in the neck during one encounter at a memorial service, nearing taking his life.

Today, Clifford’s organization, OG’s Against Violence, Inc. is a Non-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. It is now poised to grow with community support to stop the violence. Clifford works tirelessly with little compensation and financial backing driven only by love and optimism.