THE GLOBAL CITIZEN: Graphic Art of Marlena Buczek Smith

September 12, 2015 to October 24, 2015

© Marlena Buczek Smith

“As long as we are, we can use our images, text and other tools to build Campaigns of Awareness in defense of human rights and the environment. The voice of the image becomes the open passage for the viewer, only if the viewer is willing to engage in observing the image further, rather than by passing blindly through the doorway.”  – Marlena Buczek Smith

As a medium for social change, posters record our struggles for peace, social justice, environmental defense, and liberation from oppression. From the confrontational and political, to the promotional, persuasive and educational, the poster in all its forms has persisted as a vehicle for the public dissemination of ideas, information, and opinion. The stunning Giclée prints included in this exhibition spanned a range of political, humanitarian and environmental issues.

Buczek Smith is a New Jersey-based artist originally from Poland. She has exhibited her insightful and passionate posters in North America, Asia and Europe, and her work has appeared in publications such as Graphis and Print.


Therese Deegan, Mark Feldman & Christine Riley,
Bob Gates & Deborah Welsh, Dr. Marianna Kaufman,Deirdre Neilen,
Jill Spellman, Rose & Ron Throop and Ann Tiffany & Ed Kinane


Kathy Barry & Brian Caufield, Donald Blair & Nancy Dock, John & Dolores Brule, Chana Bursztyn, Dik Cool, Annemarie Deegan, Harry Heilman, David & Jeanne Holstein, The Holtz Family Fund, Sandra Hurd & Joel Potash, Ann Jamison, Mary Kuhn, Joe Leonard, Walter & Lauren Melnikow, Shirley & Larry Novak, Robert Sarason & Jane Burkhead, George Savage, Laurie Gilmore Selleck, Cindy Seymour & Laura Serway, Tupper Property Management, Jeff Unaitis, Ron Van Norstrand, Amy Zamkoff and Anonymous (2)