Ecosocialism Teach-In

April 23, 2012 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Change the system not the climate!

Ecosocialism Teach-In: How the 1% Profits from Environmental Destruction

with special guest speaker Karen Charman of Capitalism Nature Socialism

Everything is connected, including the ecological and economic crises. Around the world, energy industries reap immense profits with increasingly dangerous technologies, destroying the health of both local communities and environments where their activities take place, as well as the global environment with the escalation of climate change. Join a special post-Earth Day discussion on political obstacles to the systematic changes needed to address climate change and the global ecological crisis and on the ecosocialist vision for a balanced system that respects people and the planet.

Karen Charman is an investigative environmental journalist and managing editor of the journal Capitalism Nature Socialism. Her writing focuses on nuclear issues, shale gas drilling, water, health, genetically engineered food, agriculture and the food supply.

Sponsored by the Syracuse Greens and the Syracuse Peace Council.  Free to the Public.