Discussion on Honduras & Civil Disobedience

October 27, 2009 - 6:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Plus an information meeting for traveling to Fort Benning, Georgia to protest the School of the Americas (SOA).

On June 28, under the command of SOA graduate General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez, the Honduran military overthrew the democratically-elected government of President Zelaya. Since then, security forces have brutally repressed dissent through torture, assassination, sexual abuses and the suspension of freedom of speech.

Join us to protest and act to CLOSE THE SOA! In 2008 over 20,000 people came to a vigil at the gates of the US army base at Fort Benning, Georgia to demand the close of the School of the Americas.  Every November since 1994 Central New Yorkers have demonstrated against the US Army’s Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. It is notorious for teaching Latin American military officers tactics to repress their own people in favor of the local oligarchies and US corporations doing lucrative business in their countries.