June 26, 2011 - 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Pastors for Peace

CURIOUS ABOUT CUBA Film Festival – Fundraiser for Pastors for Peace 2011 Caravan to Cuba
6:30 pm Organic Farming in Cuba
7:10 pm Discussion and food
7:30 pm ¡Salud! (edited 30 min version) Cuba’s unique Public health system.
8:00 pm Discussion with Maddie Greacen: Cuban Doctors Worldwide
8:30 pm Curious about Cuba: The Museums of Havana (Great Museums)
9:30 pm Conclusion

Cuba - FarmingOrganic Farming in Cuba:
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Inspired when Faith Morgan and Pat Murphy took a trip to Cuba through Global Exchange in August, 2003. That year Pat had begun studying and speaking about worldwide peak oil production. In May Pat and Faith attended the second meeting of The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, a European group of oil geologists and scientists, which predicted that mankind was perilously close to having used up half of the world’s oil resources. When they learned that Cuba underwent the loss of over half of its oil imports and survived, after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, the couple wanted to see for themselves how Cuba had done this.

Cuba 1

¡Salud! – Directed by Academy Award nominee Connie Field

Find out what puts Cuba on the map in the quest for global health …
A timely examination of human values and the health issues that affect us all, ¡Salud! looks at the curious case of Cuba, a cash-strapped country with what the BBC calls ‘one of the world’s best health systems.’  From the shores of Africa to the Americas, !Salud! hits the road with some of the 28,000 Cuban health professionals serving in 68 countries, and explores the hearts and minds of international medical students in Cuba — now numbering 30,000, including nearly 100 from the USA.  Their stories plus testimony from experts around the world bring home the competing agendas that mark the battle for global health—and the complex realities confronting the movement to make healthcare everyone’s birth right.

Cuba 2 Museums
Great Museums – Narrated by Mariel Hemingway

This GREAT MUSEUMS documentary shows a side of the island nation that we seldom hear about: Cuba’s art, history, and culture. Despite Cuba’s overwhelming economic and political challenges, museums in Havana abound; from rum and revolution, to cars and cigars. In fact, Old Havana itself is a museum-quality collection of historic buildings, reflecting 400 years of Spanish rule and a hundred years of revolution.

Sliding Scale $2-25 includes complementary food (including vegetarian)