Cooperatives Teach-in/Film Showing

June 26, 2012 - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Industria Argentina – The Factory is For Those Working

The Syracuse Community Broadband Initiative (SCBI) is hosting a teach-in/showing of the newly released film Industria Argentina about a group of workers who take ownership of their bankrupt factory.  Co-founder Seth Rutledge will talk about the SCBI’s challenge to Verizon and Time Warner’s communications duopoly.  Veteran worker owner Joe Pullman will talk about his experience touring worker coops in Argentina.

Del Toro Films, 100 Minutes, 2011, English Sub-Titles.  A group of workers in Argentina led by family man Juan, reluctant to lose their livelihood when the economic downturn moves the factory owners to shutdown operations, organize themselves to reopen the factory as a cooperative.  The gears spin again, the machines are back to work, a group of workers now have the future in their own hands.

6:30 pm Doors Open: Tabling for Broadband Initiative as event sponsor.
7:00 pm Introduction and announcement of Broadband Initiative, and Intro of Film.
7:15 pm Film screening (100 minutes).
9:00 pm Discussion and film response.
9:30 pm Close.

Co-sponsored by the Onondaga Small Business Development Center and the initiative

Free and open to the Public.