April 1, 2023 to May 20, 2023

Three local artists, Christine Chin of Ithaca, and Carrie Drake and Anita Welych of Syracuse, explore the natural environment and the consequences of climate change through their art

Christine uses NOAA data to create her Stuffed Storms fabric sculptures, which are a visual record of the Atlantic Tropical Storm seasons. Her work also explores local impacts through her Invasive Species Cyanotypes using a camera-less photographic printing process dating back to the 1840s to document invasive species in the Finger Lakes Region.

Continuing to explore local impacts, Carrie is working with community knitters and students from the Montessori School of Syracuse to visually document change in Syracuse temperatures through the creation of a “Tempestry” – a collaborative fiber arts project that presents global warming data in visual form through knitted or crocheted artwork. Additionally, Carrie will invite the public into an interactive component asking us all to reflect on our shared responsibility in addressing the climate crisis.

Since 2010 Anita has been researching declining North American bird populations in what scientists are calling a “mass extinction event.” Her work, Dwindle, seeks to visually represent scientific meta-data of bird populations from 1966-1974 and 2016-2018.