January 26, 2011 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Film screenings from
Eyes on the Prize and
What We Want, What We Believe – (Newsreel & documentary footage of the Black Panther Party)

a nation of lawspictured – Chicago police carrying the body of Fred Hampton

A Nation of Law? (1968-71)
Black activism is increasingly met with a sometimes violent and unethical response from local and federal law enforcement agencies. In Chicago, two Black Panther Party leaders are killed in a pre-dawn raid by police acting on information supplied by an FBI informant. In the wake of President Nixon’s call to “law and order,” stepped-up arrests push the already poor conditions at New York’s Attica State Prison to the limit. A five-day inmate takeover calling the public’s attention to the conditions leaves 43 men dead: four killed by inmates, 39 by police.

jerry lefcourt

pictured: New York Panther 21 lawyer, Jerry Lefcourt

Newsreel films: Movement Lawyers; Interviews with movement lawyer Jerry Lefcourt & Newsreel Collective Members; Dozie & Gay.

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