Bill Ayers at ArtRage

September 12, 2016 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Demand the Impossible! Utopian Dreams in This Political Moment
“There is, after all, no basis for education in a democracy
outside of a faith in the enduring capacity for growth in ordinary people
and a faith that ordinary people … can, if they choose, change the world.”
– Bill Ayers

Up next in our speaker series for the ArtRage exhibition of Robert Shetterly’s Americans Who Tell The Truth portraits, we will host a talk  by Bill Ayers; Educational Theorist, Professor, Writer, Anti-War and Civil Rights Activist.

Ayers is known both for his 1960s activism opposing the Vietnam War and racial injustice, as well as his current work in education reform, curriculum, and instruction. One summary of Ayers’ life would include acts that put him on the FBI’s list of most wanted criminals and led to a life in hiding before surrendering to authorities and having those charges dropped. Another summary would include a lifetime of activism and public service for the benefit of the underprivileged. His is not a simple story.

Demand the Impossible_7

You’re invited to share his story during this special presentation at ArtRage where Bill will also speak about his newest book entitled, Demand the Impossible! published by Haymarket Books. “In critiquing the world around us, insurgent educator and activist Bill Ayers uncovers cracks in the system, raising our sights for radical change, and envisioning strategies for building a movement to create a more humane, balanced, and peaceful world.” Read more at Demand the Impossible!

Read more about Bill Ayers at Americans Who Tell The Truth.

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