Artist Talk with Mollie Kellogg, Steven D. Stark and Stone Riley

September 6, 2014 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

ArtRage will host an artist talk by two of the national artists featured in GLOBALissues. CLIMATEmatters. SocialCHANGE:

Meet Mollie Kellogg from San Diego, CA , Steven D. Stark of Belmont, MA and Stone Riley from Dudley, MA.


Twenty years ago, Mollie began to seriously explore painting as her primary medium of personal expression. After a decade of theatre work, raising two children and facing life-threatening health issues, her work changed dramatically. Today Mollie’s paintings are more conceptual, often including herself, friends or family as subjects.

Steven D. Stark

Steven D. Stark’s artwork has been featured all over the northeastern United States and in national and international venues, as well as on the covers of literary journals. An Associate Artist Member of the Galatea Fine Art Gallery in Boston’s South End, he is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School.

Stone Riley

From Stone Riley: I’m a political artist mainly, in five or six disciplines. Public speaking came first, my mind first blown open by performing schoolroom Lincoln, then prose, then poetry. Small sculpture next, a big drawing project that took a year, then more performance, lots of that, several sorts around talk, movement, gesture. (I one time accidentally even danced before a paying audience.) Then finally it was classic storytelling, standing up before the audience and belting out ancient stuff,  that finally taught me how to paint. After mastering the classic British and Greek oral literature (well enough at least) (me fifty years old by then) I discovered I could suddenly smear sticky colored paste onto a board or canvas and get a serious picture. And all that time my purpose in all of it mainly was pro-human anti-war pro-Earth politics by various strategies. I do public education. I keep a huge website.