Artist Talk with Marlena Buczek Smith

September 12, 2015 - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Join us as we welcome artist Marlena Buczek Smith to Syracuse. She will give an Artist Talk right before her opening reception at ArtRage for the Global Citizen exhibition.

Social contact and human communication are an integral part of our existence. Through knowledge, the voice of an image is being processed in diverse ways to advance human visual development. The  travels of one’s mind allows the image to be analyzed in a self reflecting stage. It has the freedom to reach for unknown factors before coming to a disputable decision.

Through the image in the reflective state the representation of the image becomes the mirror of the image itself.  There is no white, there is no black .There is itself.  And it is the unconscious  in ourselves that will mirror (reflect on)  the directions of our thoughts.

We can’t be blind if we want change. Sometimes the itself is lost, blinded by self destructive behavior and unaware of the ability to make a choice between life and death… war and peace.

So as long as we are… we can use our images, text and other tools to build Campaigns of Awareness in defense of human rights and the environment.

The voice of the image becomes the open passage for the viewer, only if  the viewer is willing to engage in observing the image further, rather than by passing blindly through the doorway.

Marlena moved to the US from Poland in the early 90’s. Her body of work includes posters, commercial graphic design, and paintings. Her posters have been printed in various publications including Graphis and Print. Marlena’s posters have been exhibited globally in countries which include the US, Germany, Italy and Russia.