Artist Talk with Douglas Lloyd

December 13, 2017 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Douglas Lloyd has been a full-time photographer in the Central New York area for nearly twenty-five years.

In 2014 he began reconnecting with the darkroom and has since been learning and loving the craft and art of wet plate collodion photography.

From the artist:
“I saw in this mid-nineteenth century process an opportunity to reconnect with photography in a tactile and physical way. I had lost this connection when I left the darkroom for the sterile, hyper-perfect digital world where authenticity is stripped away through countless edits and digital filters.

Using fine, rare lenses dating back to the 1850’s mounted to simple, large bellows-type cameras, the Ambrotype (positive on glass) portraits of Still the One are drawn from light and recorded in pure silver.

Every image is an honest, one-of-a-kind original, as are the subjects of this exhibition. I am honored and grateful to have been given the opportunity to document the amazing women of Still The One using this historic process.”