2nd chance ~ Artist Talk with Paul Pearce

July 9, 2014 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Paul Pearce photo by Bob Gates 2012

Join us for a second chance evening conversation with Paul Pearce as he speaks of his inspiration, political awareness and craft. Back by popular demand, Paul will trace his photographic development through his childhood influences, war experiences and political awakenings.

“What inspires me to photograph”
The faces of people I love.
The memory of people I’ve lost and the artifacts that connect me to them.
The faces of old friends.
The faces of new friends.
Transient images in shadows and reflections.
Light filtering through trees.
The lyrics of the early Bob Dylan
The anger in BYOB
The cynicism of Randy Newman
The passion of Lou Reed
The romanticism of Aaron Copland
The craziness of George Antheil
The sorrow of Henryk Górecki
The defiance of DaDa
The illustrations of Rockwell Kent
The brutal black & while lines of George Grosz
The wisdom of Kilgore Trout
The piety of Bob Dobbs
The simplicity of a Weston pepper.
The complexity of a Friedlander street.
The grotesqueness of a Joel Peter Witkin
The cleverness of Duane Michals
The quirkiness of Man Ray.
The majesty of an Ansel Adams
The compassion of Eugene Richards
The humanity of Sebastian Salgado
The chutzpa of Richard Avedon
The Parkeharrison fantasies
The decisive moments of Henri Cartier Bresson.
Rage against the system
In spite of a building cynicism, a calling to declare a point of view.
A mandate to cry out that (in my opinion), the sky is falling.
A gnawing need to expose a system that turns innocent children into monsters.
A desire to capture the beauty of Mother Nature to remind me that there can be a reason to bother to do all these other things.

Paul W.Pearce