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Voices of Muslim Women from the US South- Film and Discussion

December 6, 20167:00 pmto9:00 pm

A woman holds a sign in protest after a rally for Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Peabody Opera House on March 11, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri. / AFP / Michael B. Thomas (Photo credit should read MICHAEL B. THOMAS/AFP/Getty Images)

Join us for a film screening and discussion about being a Muslim woman in the US.
Syracuse activist, Magda Bayoumi will lead a discussion following the film.

About the Film:

Voices of Muslim Women from the US South. A film by Maha Marouan and Rachel Raimist, 2015

When one thinks of the American Deep South, the image of veiled Muslim students strolling the University of Alabama campus is the last thing that comes to mind. VOICES OF MUSLIM WOMEN FROM THE US SOUTH is a documentary that explores the Muslim culture through the lens of five University of Alabama Muslim students. The film tackles how Muslim women carve a space for self-expression in the Deep South and how they negotiate their identities in a predominantly Christian society that often has unflattering views about Islam and Muslims. Through interviews with students and faculty at Alabama, this film examines representations and issues of agency by asking: How do Muslim female students carve a space in a culture that thinks of Muslims as terrorists and Muslim women as backward?

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“Courtesy of Women Make Movies,”


December 9, 2016toDecember 10, 2016

FRIDAY 12/9 from 3-7pm
SATURDAY 12/10 from 10am-5pm



Transforming Holy Places

January 10, 20177:00 pmto9:00 pm


As programming for our current exhibition, In God’s House, please join us for an evening chronicling the transformation of one Christian church into a Islamic mosque. In the Syracuse North side neighborhood, what was once Holy Trinity Church has become Masjid Isa Ibn Maryam, which translates to Mosque of Jesus Son of Mary. The transformation was not an easy one but through patience, community leadership and neighborly outreach, the Christian and Islamic neighbors have found a way to embrace each others beliefs and differences.

The event is a presentation from an invited panel of both original church and current mosque members including; Toni Franklin, who was a former parishioner of Holy Trinity and Father John Rose, pastor of St Vincent de Paul Church on Hawley Avenue (a multi-cultural urban parish), Director of Christ the King Retreat House and Conference Center and a member of the Interfaith Works Roundtable. Join us as they tell the story of how they got from there to here.

The evening discussion will be facilitated by Beth Broadway, the President and CEO of Interfaith Works.  Read More

Free to the Public

Artist Talk with Robert Knight

January 19, 20177:00 pmto9:00 pm


Artist Statement

In God’s House examines religious diversity as a reflection of the contemporary immigration crisis and demographic shifts facing Europe. Historically, tolerance of religious difference has been a professed value of developed, democratic nations, including those of Western Europe. Recent events, however, have upended those foundational beliefs, leading to calls for extreme anti-democratic measures in some countries.

My photographs of religious services juxtapose historic Christian churches with contemporary mosques in cities across the continent, revealing both similarities and differences between faiths. The resulting images allow us to consider not only our contemporary relationship to religion but also our relationship to those different than ourselves.