Jackie Warren-Moore Poetry Reading and Book Publication Event

October 28, 2016 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

14666069_253940488341171_2964077734995004413_nNine Mile Press, the publisher of Jackie Warren-Moore’s new book, “Where I Come From”, will host a poetry reading and book signing event.

“Jackie Warren-Moore’s poems take a good, clear look at our world and its “passing of civility.”  She writes with passion and rage about “Uncle Joe,” and his stealing of her innocence, and can take on the voice of a Trayvon or a Grandmother with equal force and insight.  Her concluding poem, where “the women gather in circles” and “make plans to rock the world,”  speaks to the passion and fervor with which she takes on that world, and pushes us to do the same.  These poems are humble and proud and full of the power of change.” -poet, Rachel Guido deVries

 “Where I Come From” is available from Nine Mile Press for $12, through the website ninemile.org. Books will be available at the event.