CUTTING UP CAPITALISM: The Collage Art of Deborah Faye Lawrence

November 10, 2012 to December 22, 2012

Blind Execution © Deborah Lawrence

A sharp pair of scissors is a powerful tool for Seattle-based artist, Deborah Faye Lawrence.

Since the mid 1990’s she has been creating intricately detailed collages that explore themes such as war, nationalism, sexism and corporate globalization, all with great wit and satire. Lawrence writes, “I flatter myself that I am appropriating and recontextualizing pictures and text in the spirit of masters like Hannah Hoch, Romare Bearden, and Max Ernst: politically detached and bemused; passionately outraged and invigorated.”

She went so far as to create an activist alter-ego, known as Dee-Dee Lorenzo, who appears in her art. Dee-Dee stands up for justice and the oppressed as she attends demonstrations such as the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle or supports the dumping of four tons of manure on the World Bank in Washington DC.

A big THANK YOU to Susan Noyes Platt, the author of  Art and Politics Now, Cultural Activism in a Time of Crisis, for letting us use the title of her essay on Deborah Lawrence,  Cutting Up Capitalism. For more information about the book and a link to her website visit:

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