“Against the Wall” – author William Parry

February 21, 2012 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

“Is the spray can mightier than the sword?”

William Parry has created a moving tribute to the artwork depicting a people’s struggle to overcome a harsh existence.  Full-color photographs are featured on the pages of his book AGAINST THE WALL – THE ART OF RESISTANCE IN PALESTINE.  Join us at ArtRage where Parry will talk about his book and screen the photos that make up this amazing collection.

British street artist, Banksy and a London-based organization, Pictures on Walls, held their annual event in Bethlehem and invited 14 other international street artists to work with Palestinian artists.  The artists used the opportunity to utilize the Wall as a giant billboard for their own political messages with massive stunning imagery.  Some Palestinians however, reject the “beautification” of the walls:

Old man:  “You paint the wall, you make it look beautiful”

Banksy: “Thanks”

Old man:  “We don’t want it to be beautiful.  We hate this wall.  Go home.”

While the views among Palestinians residents  differ, most simply don’t have time for the Wall, as they’re too busy trying to cope with an oppressive dailly existence that is made more so by the very Wall adorned with artwork.

“The idea for this book started as I was walking around Bethlehem taking in the volume of witty and moving artwork, realizing that someday the wall will fall and the artwork should be saved for posterity.  I have tried to provide a glimpse into the spirit of the grafitti and the complex reality that generates it.” – William Parry, author.

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