ArtRage: The Norton Putter Gallery

505 Hawley Avenue Syracuse, NY

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CNY Pride Families

May 7, 2011 - June 18, 2011: This exhibit was a portrait of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender families in Central New York communities.

Spark & The Laws of Healing

April 1, 2011: This event was a rare intimate celebration of one woman’s trans-formative power over breast cancer.

Karen's Birthday

March 24, 2011: An Evening with a Community Artist, Karen Kerney.

Black Panthers Exhibit

January 7, 2011: All Power to the People! featured Black Panther Party posters and newspaper graphics produced in the 1960s and 1970s.

Tonto Revisited

November/December 2010: Tom Huff’s collection of portrayals of menacing warriors wielding tomahawks, knives and bows and arrows found in posters, advertisements, toys, sports logos and more helped to illustrate how these pervasive negative preconceptions trivialize the tragedy wrought on indigenous peoples everywhere.

Robert Shetterly, Americans Who Tell The Truth

October 22, 2010: “I began painting this series of portraits — finding great Americans who spoke the truth and combining their images with their words — nearly three years ago as a way of to channel my anger and grief..."


May 13-16, 2010: Winner of the 1992 Tony Award for Best Score and Best Book for a Musical, Falsettos a powerful piece for both its ability to capture an important moment in history and in its depiction of very real and human characters faced with significant adversity.

Women's Day

March 2010: In the words of the Bread and Roses song, “The rising of the women means the rising of us all.”

A Tender Record

May, 2010: Curated by Nancy Keefe Rhodes this was an exhibit of 35 restored and finished prints of both the now extinct 15th Ward and others of historical relevance to both the African American community and the Syracuse community at large.

Dr. Weeks Family Photo Exhibit

May 2010

Boys & Girls

Media Unit

February 9, 2010: The Media Unit presents From the Back of the Bus, a national award winning original musical theater performance on racism and racial healing.

Howard Zinn Memorial Service

February 7, 2010: Howard Zinn, admired, respected, beloved friend and teacher died Wednesday, January 27th. He was 87.

Breach of Peace: Making History

January - February, 2010: In the spring and summer of 1961, several hundred Americans-blacks and whites, men and women-converged in Jackson, Mississippi, to challenge state segregation laws. The Freedom Riders, as they came to be known, were determined to open up the South to civil rights: it was illegal for bus and train stations to discriminate, but most did and were not interested in change. Over 300 people were arrested and convicted of the charge “breach of the peace.”

ArtRage Birthday 2009

Celebrating ArtRage Gallery's 1st Birthday!

Jazz in July

July 18, 2009: A great summer night event to raise money for ArtRage.


July 10, 2009: Sometime over the July 4th week-end, 2009, someone scrawled a message on the window of the ArtRage Gallery in the Hawley-Green neighborhood of Syracuse. The window scrawl read: “There is no such thing as a proud Queer!”

The Picture Man

Power of Revolt

June 13 - August 15, 2009: This was the last exhibition of the 2008-2009 season. These images come from the Oaxaca, Mexico rebellion.

Nothing to Hide – Mental Illness in the Family

April 30 thru May 23, 2009: This exhibit featured work of mixed media from three sources including the art of Amber Christian Osterhout, a Syracuse native, painter and family member dealing with mental illness in her family.


April 26, 2009: The ArtRage Gallery held a fundraising luncheon during the exhibit titled Children, Art and Building a Culture of Peace.

GLOBALissues. CLIMATEmatters. socialCHANGE.

ArtRage's First Juried Exhibition

SPC Event

February 26, 2009: This was a Syracuse Peace Council screening of "Waiting for Mercy" introduced by filmmaker Ellie Bernstein.

HOPE in a time of TURMOIL: Colombia & the art of Jafeth Gómez Ledesma

February 21, 2009: HOPE in a time of TURMOIL: Colombia & the art of Jafeth Gómez Ledesma

Syracuse Cultural Workers InsideOUT...the 25th anniversary show

November 12, 2008 - December 20, 2008: Our 2nd exhibit highlighted one of Syracuse's Best Kept Secrets...Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW). This 25 year old community resource presents a familiar face (or, rather, several familiar faces) to the progressive community in Syracuse. The calendars, posters, cards and T-shirts they publish are well-known; and the banners, drums, and willing bodies are a ready resource for just about any event designed to educate/agitate.

Combat Paper & ArtRage's Grand Opening

October 8 - November 1, 2008: The Combat Paper project is an art therapy that utilizes paper as its medium and has been generating hope and inspiration for war veterans all across the country. Combat Paper was ArtRage Gallery's very first exhibition.

celebration of the 2008 Syracuse Cultural Workers’ Women Artists’ Datebook held on the Third Thursday in November 2008.