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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Since that fateful day in November, you may feel that your values of inclusion, diversity, tolerance and compassion are under attack.

9-16 reception collage-web

Images from Americans Who Tell the Truth – September 2016

Increased military spending, islamophobia, mass incarceration, deportation, transphobia, sexism, homophobia, heightened racist attacks, budget cuts for social programs and the arts, the “wall”… well, there is a lot to worry about.

In response, new citizen groups have sprouted up across the country, several in our own city. Activists are re-learning the importance of solidarity. Since January, there have been constant demonstrations, rallies and marches decrying the latest executive order (or the latest tweet).

There is so much to be against that it’s more important than ever to clarify what we’re for and find ways to support it.

In September, ArtRage will begin its 10th exhibition season! We’re approaching ten years of showcasing the work of local, national and international artists who use their creative voice to share a message of social justice. We think it’s pretty incredible that for ten years our community has supported and sustained an art organization as unique and special as ArtRage. It’s a clear demonstration of the values of our community.

Many of you very generously supported this current season’s exhibitions and we’re hoping that you’ll find the new exhibitions just as relevant and exciting. As you’ll see in the enclosed 2017-18 Season exhibition flyer, we have planned another year in that effort.

In partnership with the Everson Museum, ArtRage will open the season with Seen and Heard, an exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York State with artwork by local contemporary women artists.

In November, Still the One honors some of the Central New York women who have, over the past 80 years, made lasting contributions to our communities. The exhibit, which values age and history, will feature their portraits produced by local photographer Douglas Lloyd, using the historical photography technique known as wet-plate collodian which was invented in 1851.

Next February we’ll be hanging the dynamic and masterful work of Syracuse artist Donalee Peden Wesley. We All Fall Down is an exhibition of large scale drawings which focus on the human/animal relationship.

In the spring, we will be presenting the work of Boston painter Keith Morris Washington. His deceptively benign exhibition, Within Our Gates: Human Sacrifice in the American Landscape is an exploration of lynching and hate crime in the U.S.

We will end the 2017-18 exhibition season with Discord & Dissent: Commentary on Contemporary Politics, the work of Syracuse artist Jim Ridlon. Known for his football achievements as well as his artistic career, his collection of assemblages represent visual puns reflecting on the inadequacies and inconsistencies of our political systems.

Please join us in supporting these remarkable artists and the programming we offer to encourage dialogue, understanding and action. Take a moment to read more about all of the upcoming exhibitions in the enclosed flyer.

For a gift of $500 you can become a season sponsor. For a gift of $100 you can be a named sponsor of an exhibition of your choosing. You might also consider Monthly Pledge payments—they’re easy, affordable and offer sustaining organizational income. No gift is too small and all of your donations go to supporting the work of ArtRage.

Thank you in advance!