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May 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The way we see it, the shock of the Trump election has worn off and the sense of hopelessness with which we greeted the 2017 new year, quickly gave way to resistance. Not only has that resistance persevered, it has become stronger; encompassing more issues in a broad based momentum that has left more people seeing a glimmer of hope for change.

ArtRage Gallery represents both the resistance and the change.

Despite the current political environment, we continue to operate under the assumption that voices for change come in many forms and will ultimately be supported. We strive to be just such a voice. Let’s call what we do the “Art of Resistance”, where art and a passion for change merge to create an educational environment that can lead to action.

This past year the gallery walls have showcased the wealth of wisdom and action found in our older activist sisters by exhibiting the portraits and stories of 26 such women. We celebrated 100 years of suffrage and activism with the artwork of seventeen contemporary Central New York women artists. Abuse and torture of animals claimed the right to be recognized in exquisitely tender renderings; while benign country landscapes drew us in to discover the murderous intent that still lives just below the surface of a society given the right to be hateful again with no consequence.

In September of 2018, ArtRage will begin its 11th exhibition season and in October will celebrate its 10 year anniversary!

Just like the mounting resistance to hate and violence, we’re not leaving anytime soon. ArtRage has booked another new season packed with cultural discoveries, celebration and compassion. Each artist gives us new insight into age old problems and helps us see them with eyes a little less blinded because of their efforts.

We open our 11th exhibition season with the work of San Diego artist Neil Shigley, whose work explores the subject of homelessness. The exhibition, titled INVISIBLE PEOPLE, is in partnership with our next door neighbor, the Syracuse homeless outreach organization, In My Father’s Kitchen.

Closing out 2018 will be STITCHING STORIES: Thread, Needle, Narrative, a broad array of quilting work by Ellen M. Blalock from the past 20 years as well as two pieces she is currently creating as part of new series dealing with mental health in the African American community.

Ushering in 2019 will be a February exhibition of photographs by Michael Greenlar; KOKOM LENA of the First Nation Algonquin in partnership with Skä•noñh – Great Law of Peace Center. The work is a testament to the cultural survival of the Algonquin people of Barrier Lake, La Vérendrye Park, Quebec, Canada.

Next spring we’re excited to present FROM GODS TO SOCIAL JUSTICE: Indian Folk Artists Challenging Traditions, which deals with a variety of injustices such as violence against women, female infanticide, political corruption, climate change, and war. On loan from the collections of Geraldine Forbes and Susan Wadley.

We’ll end the season by exhibiting the work of Joe Radoccia honoring elders from the LGBTQ community and marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. ABOUT-FACE: 50 years after Stonewall, acknowledges the magnitude of the change in attitudes and acceptance that has unfolded during those years and honors those who fought to make it happen.

Please join us by supporting such remarkable work and the programming we offer to encourage dialogue, understanding and action. For a gift of $500 you can become a season sponsor. For a gift of $100 you can be a named sponsor of an exhibition of your choosing. You might also consider a Monthly Pledge contribution—they’re easy, affordable and offer sustaining organizational income. No gift is too small and all of your donations go to supporting the work of ArtRage.

Thanks once again for your generosity.