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HOUSE artistsOur exhibitors from the PEOPLE WHO CAME TO MY HOUSE show! Photo courtesy Bob Gates.

(This letter was written for ArtRage Gallery’s May 2016 Fund Appeal)

Dear Friend,

“Several months after moving to Syracuse I happened upon an exhibit at ArtRage, which deeply moved me while reflecting my own life experience. I thought: ‘I’ve found my community—a group of people who share my passion for justice, equality, and diversity.’ It was then that Syracuse became my home.”

“Since then at every opportunity, I tell people about ArtRage and how fortunate we are to have this unique cultural institution in our midst.”

As President of the Board, I often hear stories like this one. And like this visitor, I myself am an exhibition sponsor because I’ve come to realize that it’s the best way to support and promote ArtRage. The upcoming 2016/17 season is an exceptional one that offers many meaningful sponsorship opportunities.

There’s Robert Shetterly’s inspiring portrait series Americans Who Tell The Truth: Finding Your Power. Shetterly has painted more than 180 portraits of iconic Americans who have inspired him through their struggle for justice and equality. A selection from the series will be on view at ArtRage this coming fall.

Following Shetterly, Robert Knight’s photographic exhibit In God’s House, examines religious diversity as a reflection of the contemporary immigration crisis and demographic shifts facing Europe. His beautiful images reveal a resiliency across religious communities—Christian and Islamic—and their ability to adapt in the face of significant adversity that ultimately interconnect these diverse faiths.

Then there’s Unwrapping Vanessa by Syracuse fiber artist and storyteller Vanessa Johnson, who uses the visual and performing arts to tell the traditional stories of Africa, the contemporary stories of the African-American diaspora, and her own transnational experience through the women who inspire her.

Following Johnson is At All Costs, photograghs by Earl Dotter. Dotter has been photographing American workers on the job for more than forty years. He has put a human face on those who labor, often in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. Dotter follows in the humanistic tradition of such great American documentary photographers as Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine, and Dorothea Lange.

ArtRage ends the 2016/17 season with The Power of the Poster which features five decades of posters from the archives of the Syracuse Cultural Workers—another great institution within our community promoting justice, equality, and diversity; celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2017!

If you care about having a place in the Greater Syracuse area that reflects your values while exposing you to other people’s experiences and beliefs—one that’s welcoming, challenging, and inspiring, please join me in becoming a sponsor of the 2016/17 season.

Thank you for your support,
Annemarie Deegan, President

PS – If you simply can’t afford to sponsor a Season or an Exhibit as much as you would like to, you can always make a donation in any amount. Every dollar is appreciated and goes a long way in keeping ArtRage a vital cultural resource in our community.