2018 “What If…” Film Series Selection Dinner

January 25, 2018 - 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Help us choose the “What If…” Films for 2018. Join with other community members as we preview the film trailers for the films we are considering for the 2018 Gifford Foundation “What If…” Film Series. Your input and opinions will help to determine our final film selections.

Please read the RFP for Film Suggestions

We are seeking organizational partners but we also welcome film suggestions from community members that fit the “What If…” criteria. If you know of a new and relevant documentary film you would like us to consider please get in touch.

This event is RSVP only. Please RSVP by email to kimberley at artragegallery.org or by calling us a 315-218-5711. Pizza and salad will be provided.

What is the “What If…” Film Series?

The Series began in 2010 as a project of The Gifford Foundation. The purpose of the Series is to screen documentary films that address a community or social issue and show how communities are working to bring about positive social change on this issue. We specifically screen films that relate to community issues in Syracuse, NY. We want these films screenings to be used to not only educate viewers on community issues but also to help spark ideas on how we here in Syracuse can address these issues. In other words: to ask “What if we tried this in Syracuse?”

Film Criteria:

• We prefer to screen films that are approximately 60 minutes in length in order to leave time for discussion. Longer films can still be considered.

• Films must relate to a social or environmental issue faced by the Syracuse community.

• Films must show how people/communities are addressing this issue or are working for change.

• The film can not ONLY document a problem. I.e. If a film is on the issue of water pollution, the film can not only discuss how and why the pollution is happening, it must focus on the ways communities are working to correct the problem.